A million years may never see

The end of all that you did to me

I saw that when I closed my eyes

To the pain that I kept trying to hide


I'm better off on my own

It hurt me to be with you, because I was still alone

I'm stronger now than when I left

We didn't share love, just a habit at best


I'm startin' to see

What you did to me

We were the best of friends forever

I'm startin' to see

That you and me

We're friends, just not when we're together


I used to sit and I would dream

Of the better day that never came

Blanket apologies mean nothing to me

Because they cover all the wonderful things that I believed


I caught my self today

Thinking of a way

To turn my back on you

And you cursed me away

Reading into what I say

Just like you always do

Jamey Tate - drums, shaker

Mike Ryan - lo-fi drums in bridge

Luis Espaillat - bass

Scott Hartley - keyboards

Brian - lead vocal, acoustic and electric guitars, drum programming, keyboards, sound effects

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written by Brian Donovan