The creation of Mugu Point has been a very special, life-changing process.  It has taken me years to learn the instruments and the skills I needed in order to capture on record what I’ve heard in my head and felt in my heart.  I played and recorded most of the instruments myself, which provided some intense and interesting sessions in the multitude of studios I used to achieve my goal: to create a complete musical work of art on my own from start to finish.  Over the years, Mugu Point took on it’s own life in a way I never imagined, and as each song got better from the original demos, each song then begged me to improve it even more.  Making this the “swan song” recording of my career thus far.

I’ve learned so much about making records from Mugu Point and the musicians involved in it’s creation. And just like the story it contains, we can always learn a little more . . .

Over many years, Mugu Point has seen several recording formats, many talented musicians AND, just before mixing, a complete overhaul.  Here are pics taken during the creation of the record:

Mugu Point
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