I’d love to strip off my shirt

And scream of my freedom

But shouldn’t I lose a pound or two?

You’d love to take to the road

And drive like a madman

But on the edge is not home to you


(Just Remember that:)

It is safe for us to live our lives

And every echo that you can leave behind you

Will open your arms wide


You’d love to talk to the girl

She’s an angel

But shouldn’t you start to head home soon?

I’d love to play a great song

To show ‘em all how I feel

But my instrument is slightly out of tune


The perfect life

It’s not for me

It doesn’t exist

So now that I see, what life's meant to be...


Jamey Tate - drums

Kendahl Feldman - backing vocal

Brian - lead vocal, acoustic and electric guitars, drum programming, keyboards, bass, harmonica

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written by Brian Donovan