I’d like to say, “thank you”

To all of my friends, who

Always thought to keep things clean

And I’d like to thank those who gave

All their laughter, and never saved

All their love for this awesome dream


So while everyone

Shows you life’s little sudden turns

Your open eyes

Will prove that you can still learn


Thanks man, for your brotherhood

And those who always understood

That words could easily overstate (yeah, yeah)

And I am grateful for your will

To suggest: I take time to stand still

And become a man who knows no hate


So here’s to my family

Who watched and helped me follow my dream

Something I will always miss, yeah

But now I must leave

Leave you all, ‘cause you taught me to see

That there must be more, oh, so much more,

So much more than this


Jamey Tate - drums, congas

Jonathan Ahrens - bass

Ed Lima - string arrangement

Kendahl Feldman - backing vocal

Brian - lead vocal, acoustic guitars, drum programming, keyboards, snow crunch

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written by Brian Donovan